• Zim&Pixie
    15 August 2018

    New Piss Video up!

    Pixie and I are just playing a friendly Game of Cards ;)


  • Zim&Pixie
    9 August 2018

    BDSM Video up! :D (09/08-18)

    We can now upload to our Server again and we have a treat for you.

    Our very first Location Video! :D

    Zim is just taking a walk in the Woods when he hears whimpers.
    OMG.. there's a hot Pixie tied to a Tree! Should he be a gentleman and rescue her...
    or take advantage of the situation ;)


  • Zim&Pixie
    2 August 2018

    Throatfuck Video (02/08-18)

    EDIT: Server is now working and the Video is up :)

    So.. the Server is still down BUT we have a download link for you all .. members that is.
    Go to the Q&A for the direct link.

  • Zim&Pixie
    1 August 2018

    Video up tomorrow (01/08-18)

    Once again we're having issues connecting to our server.
    Happens a lot recently but hopefully not anymore. Right now it's too late here in Denmark to have our Web Guys fix it so the video will be up when we can contact them tomorrow.

    Here's a little teaser pic ;)

  • Zim&Pixie
    30 July 2018

    The newest video is working! :D (30/07-18)

    The piss video we uploaded before the weekend is now working! :D

  • Zim&Pixie
    26 July 2018

    Another annoying update (26/7-18)

    "EDIT: apparently the video works for some. Our Web Guys do get a picture. But when we try it we just see the thumbnail and the sound plays.

    If it works for people we would like to know.
    Please send an e-mail to if the video plays fine.

    Thanks in advance"

    So.. we managed to get our server to work again. Well so we thought. The Video doesn't have an image just the sound.
    Once again we're really sorry about this but Pixie and I can't do anything before our Web guys solves the problem.
    We will make sure to make an extra video next week to make amends.

  • Zim&Pixie
    25 July 2018

    Piss Video coming later today (25/07-18)

    We're having Server issues.
    The video will be uploaded as soon as possible

    EDIT: Still not solved. Hopefully we will hear from our web developer in the morning. :/
    We're so sorry Guys. Thank  you for patience
  • Zim&Pixie
    21 July 2018

    Change of Plans! MAKING PORN AGAIN :D (21/07-18)

    Hi there everybody!

    There has been a change of plans.
    We are not making a new subscription Site after all. We are keeping this one.
    We want things to run more smoothly than it has in the past and present but we simply can't afford a change right now :/

    So.. for all you Members and previous Members... WE ARE MAKING PORN AGAIN!
    We will upload weekly. The amount of Videos will differ. Some weeks will have a lot of new stuff and others will be more sparse.

    SO.. previous Members: It's time to join us again! :D
    And current Members.. just lay back and enjoy ;)

    First video will be uploaded within a couple of days

    Pixie and Zim
  • Zim&Pixie
    13 July 2018

    New Site coming soon (13/07-18)

    Hi everybody :)

    A while back we wrote that we had stopped making Porn and that we wanted to turn the Site into a Clip Site instead of a subscription Site.
    Well.. change of plans.

    We intended to turn the Site into a clip site where we would sell the videos individually but now we are in the process of changing the Site to a new subscription Site. One that actually works without all of the technical and payment issues we’ve been having.
    As you can probably tell from what I've written above we are starting to make Porn again! :D
    We don’t have an estimate yet. Since the new site has to be build first and we don’t know how long that will take. Hopefully next month. No promises though.

    When we shut down this Site everyone will of course have the rest of their subscription period!
    We're not just shutting it down without notice or without our Members getting their money's worth.

    We sincerely hope you all want to join us again when the new Site is ready.
    There will be plenty of good stuff coming ;)

    Pixie and Zim
  • Zim&Pixie
    20 June 2018

    Going away for a few days (20/06-18)

    Hello everyone

    Even though Pixie and I are already married we never had a proper wedding party.
    So we're going away for a few days. I'm taking care of support mail today but won't be able to do so again until Monday next week.
    The Island we are going to has little to no reception or internet connection. So we can't work from there.

    So.. hopefully there won't be any problems while we're away.
    Our Web Guy keeps and eye on the Site but is not going to take care of support mail.

    See you next week :)


    Pixie and Zim
  • Zim&Pixie
    16 June 2018

    Still problems with double charging (16/06-18)

    We're still having the double charge issue. Hopefully we will hear from our Web people soon and have a solution.
    This is nothing for you to worry about though. We refund the charges immediately of course!
    But it's annoying as fuck for us to have to spend hours on locating the right and wrong payments etc.

    But rest assured. No one will pay more than they should!
    Sorry for the mess

    :) Pixie and Zim
  • Zim&Pixie
    15 June 2018

    Double charges. We will refund as soon as possible (15/06-18)

    Hi there.

    We have noticed that people who have a subscription that cycled the 14th and 15th was double charged.
    For some reason our system has created two subscription ID's on new Members. Our Web developer is on the case.
    We are refunding the money now!

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience

  • Zim&Pixie
    5 June 2018

    Last chance to subscribe (05/06-18)

    Hi :)

    As previously mentioned we are going to change this Site from a subscription Site to a Clip Site in the near future.
    This means that every single video will be available to buy directly from the Site which is something a lot of people have asked for.
    But for those wanting the most for their money, it is the time to join the Site now!
    Right now we have 120 unique videos inside and you can watch them all for 18$ !
    When we make the changes to our Site every single video will cost money.

    So hurry up and join while you still can

    Pixie and Zim

  • Zim&Pixie
    27 May 2018

    IMPORTANT! No more updates (27/05-18)

    Hello Members and Non-Members alike

    We're sorry to inform you that there will be no more updates to this site as it is right now.
    At some point we will create a new Site that will sell clips individually and maybe make more clips in the future.
    But right now we are stopping in the Porn Business. At least until we feel like it again.

    Members, and people who want to subscribe, hereby know that there will be no more updates/videos.

    Be sure to press the "unsubscribe" button if you don't want to be rebilled for a new cycle.
    Here' how you do it:

    Go to your user profile in the upper right corner of the website. When you enter your profile you'll see a purple/pink button that says "Unsubscribe"". Just press that and you will be unsubscribed.

    You will have to do this yourself. It is not ZP Media's responsebility to unsubscribe Members.

    Pixie and Zim
  • Zim&Pixie
    10 May 2018

    Some Tit Pain for Pixie (10/05-18)

    Whipping off clothepins on Pixie's Tits is always fun ;)


  • Zim&Pixie
    6 May 2018

    Piss Video up (6/5-18)

    Hello everybody :)

    Here's a new Piss video for you.
    Both Pixie and I really like this one.


  • Zim&Pixie
    1 May 2018

    Our very first Film! (01/05-18)

    It is Labour Day! And we've been making Porn for one year and seven months.
    So.. as stated above it's the International Worker's Day and therefore we have no intention of working!!!

    That doesn't mean that we won't put up a video ;)
    Besides, we owe you. It's been almost a week since the last one. Sorry.

    We have a treat for you.. or maybe you will hate it.
    THIS is our very first Film ever!
    When we decided that we wanted to make Porn we started out with a few.. well.. sucky videos. Me using the camera of a DumbPhone, holding it upright (so we get that annoying elongated frame) and using only the light from a warm white retro lightbulb in the ceiling. 
    Well.. we've moved up from beginners to amateurs since then ;)

    Anyways.. here it is. Our very first Film EVER!


  • Zim&Pixie
    25 April 2018

    Piss video up (25/04-18)

    Here's a new Piss video for you. I'm usually pretty up close and personal when I piss in Pixie's Mouth
    but this time we tried something different ;)


  • Zim&Pixie
    23 April 2018

    BDSM video up now (24/04-18)

    After all the technical  trouble.. here's a new video! :D


  • Zim&Pixie
    17 April 2018

    Issues fixed and a bdsm video uploaded :) (17/04-18)

    Hi :D

    If you've been visiting our Site this evening you will have noticed that nothing worked.
    Well it does now! Sorry for the inconvenience.

    We have just uploaded a new bdsm video