• Zim&Pixie
    9 December 2018

    A Fantasy Hanging :)

    Okay.. we had plans with this one.. unfortunately it didn't turn out how we wanted it to be.
    Hopefully you'll enjoy this bit of fantasy Snuff :D


  • Zim&Pixie
    30 November 2018

    Awesome new Piss Video up! :D

    Who doesn't like a cup of Tea?  Well, Pixie sure does.. if it's made of Piss and Cum!


  • Zim&Pixie
    29 November 2018

    Upload tomorrow

    Hi Guys

    Sorry for the lack of uploads. We will upload a Piss Video tomorrow and post more next week.

  • Zim&Pixie
    17 November 2018

    A Facefuck and BDSM Combo!

    Hi there :)

    A lot of you have asked for more combo videos. This time we have combined facefucking with bdsm.


  • Zim&Pixie
    13 November 2018

    Site working again

    Our Site was under attack and we had to put extra security on it. An unfortunate mistake did that the Site was inaccessable to our Members and non-members alike. Sorry about that.

    But now everything is working again :)
  • Zim&Pixie
    8 November 2018

    Piss video up now! :D

    Hello everybody :)

    A new Video is up!
    This time I have ascended.. not spiritually but physically ;)


  • Zim&Pixie
    29 October 2018

    Some Needles for Pixie’s soft Tits! :)

    Today we're gonna penetrate Pixie's delicious soft Tit-meat with some needles :)


  • Zim&Pixie
    23 October 2018

    BJ Video up, BDSM in a couple of days

    Hi :)

    We have just uploaded a Blowjob Video and will be uploading a bdsm video soon


  • Zim&Pixie
    15 October 2018

    Piss video is up

    Hi everybody :)

    We have taken our Funnel in use once again. It's been a long time since we've done it.


  • Zim&Pixie
    9 October 2018

    A rough Morning Throatfuck for Pixie

    Just as the Title says :)

    Enjoy today's Throatfuck Video

  • Zim&Pixie
    30 September 2018

    Pixie’s Tits gets som lovingly cruel attention :D

    Hi Folks

    Pixie has just colored her Hair. I think it looks amazing so I decided to show my appreciation by mauling her Tits ;)


  • Zim&Pixie
    20 September 2018

    Throatfuck video up

    Hi everybody :)

    Today I'm using my regular "equipment" AND a humonguos Dildo!


  • Zim&Pixie
    15 September 2018

    Piss (and Cum) Video is up!

    There we go! It's up and ready to be wanked to! ;)

    Hope you enjoy it.
    We really liked making it and I sure gave Pixie a hard time with this one :D

  • Zim&Pixie
    15 September 2018

    Video coming later today

    Sorry for the wait Guys but Pixie and I have been sick.
    We should have informed you about that so you knew why we haven't made anything for so long.

    But now we are well again and we will pick up the pace and do more videos in the upcoming week!

    I will upload the new video (a Piss video btw) as soon as I have edited it and uploaded it to the server.

    Thank you for your patience, wonderful Members :)

  • Zim&Pixie
    3 September 2018

    A new BDSM Video has landed

    The pictures do not do this video justice.
    Watch the video instead of looking at these preview Pics ;)


  • Zim&Pixie
    23 August 2018

    BJ Video up :) Just a normal Day in the Life of Zim Hunter

    Ever wondered what a day in Zim's life is like?
    Well.. Now you can see it for yourself! Head on over to the facefuck category and watch our newest video! :)

  • Zim&Pixie
    15 August 2018

    New Piss Video up!

    Pixie and I are just playing a friendly Game of Cards ;)


  • Zim&Pixie
    9 August 2018

    BDSM Video up! :D (09/08-18)

    We can now upload to our Server again and we have a treat for you.

    Our very first Location Video! :D

    Zim is just taking a walk in the Woods when he hears whimpers.
    OMG.. there's a hot Pixie tied to a Tree! Should he be a gentleman and rescue her...
    or take advantage of the situation ;)


  • Zim&Pixie
    2 August 2018

    Throatfuck Video (02/08-18)

    EDIT: Server is now working and the Video is up :)

    So.. the Server is still down BUT we have a download link for you all .. members that is.
    Go to the Q&A for the direct link.

  • Zim&Pixie
    30 July 2018

    Piss Video! :D (30/07-18)

    The piss video we uploaded before the weekend is now working! :D