• Zim&Pixie
    16 February 2018


    It's Friday and the video is up :)

  • Zim&Pixie
    15 February 2018

    Going away for the Weekend (15 – 16 – 17 -18/02-18)

    Hello everybody :)

    Pixie and I are going away for an extended weekend. Don't worry we will still upload tomorrows video
    but we will not be answering questions or comments, or reply to our support E-mail, during these days:
    15,16,17 and 18/02

    See ya back on Monday

    Pixie and Zim
  • Zim&Pixie
    14 February 2018

    Funnels are always fun!

    Hi Everybody :)

    This week's piss video has been uploaded! We hope you'll enjoy it!

  • Zim&Pixie
    12 February 2018

    Drilling Pixie (12/02-18)

    Howdy :)

    It's Monday and that means BDSM! Yaaayyy :D
    Today I'm gonna play around with my Power Drill


  • Zim&Pixie
    10 February 2018

    Throatfuck Friday :D (09/02-18)

    Here it is :) The latest addition to our Facefuck Collection

    Enjoy ;)

  • Zim&Pixie
    9 February 2018

    Video up late today

    Even thoug we've been early with the last couple of vids, this one is arriveing a bit late.
    The usual rules apply. If your subscription ends today (12 o'clock Danis Time) you have the right to view this video and we will send you a download link.
    Just send us your username and e-mail and we can find you in our system.

    Coming soon! :)
  • Zim&Pixie
    7 February 2018

    Just go with the Flow! (07/02-18)

    We often use Members suggestions when we make our Videos.
    Usually we choose to do the older suggestions before the new ones
    but sometimes we just really want to do a recent one. And this is the case.

    Member Reeereee suggested todays video content.
    Let's see how fast and how much Pixie can drink while I'm going!

    Enjoy :)

  • Zim&Pixie
    5 February 2018

    Bdsm Monday is here :D (05/02-18)

    For once we're early! :D

    This is a relatively short bdsm video but it is intense!
    Not much rest for Pixie's cute, soft Tits ;)

  • Zim&Pixie
    3 February 2018

    The facefuck video has been uploaded!

    The video is uploaded! Go jerk off! ;)

    - Pixie

  • Zim&Pixie
    3 February 2018

    Video coming later today

    We've been having trouble uploading yesterday's Video.
    But we're working on it and it should be up sometime today
  • Zim&Pixie
    31 January 2018

    Piss-Wednesday! :D (31/01-18)

    It is wednesday and that means it's time for Piss! :)

    And Pixie is so very grateful!

  • Zim&Pixie
    30 January 2018

    BDSM Video (30/01-18)

    This Week's BDSM Video is a needle play video! :)




  • Zim&Pixie
    29 January 2018

    Blooper Reel (29/01-18)

    Hi Guys :)

    Do to personal reasons today's Video is postponed.
    We will be uploading the video tomorrow instead.

    But we have this little Blooper Vid for you while you wait.
    Sometimes we mess up a bit when we're making porn ;)
    It's located in the "Everything Else" category

  • Zim&Pixie
    26 January 2018

    Happy Throatfuck-Friday! :D (26/01-18)

    It's Friday and the Facefuck Video of the week has been uploaded!

  • Zim&Pixie
    24 January 2018

    Piss Vid is up (24/01-18)

    That Pixie.. she's a fast Drinker!


  • Zim&Pixie
    22 January 2018

    It’s Monday! :D (22/01-18)

    Time for a little strangulation :)

    Enjoy everybody

  • Zim&Pixie
    20 January 2018

    Throatfuck finally up :) (19/01-18)

    Sorry for the wait. Here it is.. today's facefuck video :D


  • Zim&Pixie
    19 January 2018

    Running a little late

    Today's video is coming up soon but not before midnight.
    The usual rules apply. If your subscription ends today, you have the right to see this video.
    Send your username to our support E-mail and we'll send you a download link.

    NOTE: Even though it's a small percentage, there are some freeloaders out there.
    You will have to actually have had a username here to get our videos.
    We can check if you have unsubscribed as a member or haven't been here at all!

    Hang on Guys.. the video will be coming soon ;)
  • Zim&Pixie
    18 January 2018

    A little wednesday piss drinking (17/01-18)

    Pissing straight down Pixie's Throat is something I love doing.
    But hey.. who wouldn't!? :D


  • Zim&Pixie
    15 January 2018

    Tits sloshing around in Denmark

    It's Monday evening in Denmark and that means that Girls of all ages are supposed to let their Tits loose and flop them around... or at least.. that's what Pixie does! ;)
    Here's a Slow motion, Tit flopping, eye popping, crutch grabbing, thigh clapping Video for you all ;)