PervyPixie gagged while drinking Piss

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  1. Dylan
    5 March 2018

    Will you guys every do a video of natural sex? Would be really keen to watch – you guys have such chemistry

    • Zim&Pixie
      6 March 2018

      Hehe.. a lot of people have asked us that question 😀
      No. We will never make a regular sex scene. But we will incorporate penetration sex at some point. Not right now though.
      We’re kinda saving it for a rainy day 😉

      When we do that/those scenes, the sex itself will not be the main focus.
      It will probably be a BDSM video.. just with penetration. Or maybe a facefuck video where we shift between BJ and penetration.
      There is just so much fucking going on around the internet. When we started out we really wanted to create porn that we thought were missing.
      Something rare or even unique. When Pixie and I watch porn we never look at normal porn. It’s always the curiosities that gets our attention 🙂
      It’s not that we don’t enjoy normal sex. We do fuck when the camera is not rolling. But it’s just not something we find interesting to do when we’re filming.

  2. Sascha
    21 February 2018

    Mega nice i Love this pls more piss drink Videos

    • Zim&Pixie
      21 February 2018

      Thanks. There are loads of Piss Videos inside 😉 You should join